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5 video formats that improve e-commerce sales
		72% of consumers use video to learn about a product or service. 85% of them trust peer-produced content more than that created by brands. Some e-commerce sites have understood this and invest in video to inform, reassure and convert their visitors into customers.5 video formats are frequently used to generate “add to basketball”. They each have their own characteristics and can be used to meet different objectives ranging from pre-purchase reassurance to improving the post-purchase product experience. Which ones are they? Here is a brief overview:1- Video customer reviewsFeedback is an essential video format to reassure your customers and increase your sales. They allow them to obtain the opinion of other consumers, to better understand the product and to gather as much information as possible about its defects and quality before making their choice. A user who has watched a video on an e-commerce site has a 64% greater chance of converting.Integrating video customer reviews at strategic locations on your e-commerce site helps you to retain the customer’s attention, help them finalize their purchase and achieve your goals in terms of conversion rate. You can, for example, integrate them into your photo carousel or near your shopping cart.2- Demonstration videosDemonstration videos are also a good way to help your customer through the purchasing process. They show how to use the product as a whole and highlight the different features that differentiate it from the competition.The strength of a demonstration video is transparency. The multimedia format of the video allows you to present the product from every angle and allows the customer to check compliance before purchase, a decisive reassurance tool in the purchasing act.Be careful however not to use a video too “promotional”, a demonstration video must be authentic, if it looks more like a spot from a teleshopping show the effect of reinsurance will be nil.3- “How to” Tutorial VideosYoutube “How To” searches are increasing by more than 70% each year. More than ⅔ Millenials say they can find everything they want to know on Youtube with a single click. To convince the consumer, to allow him to better understand your product, and its use, it is important to put this kind of means at his disposal so that they are autonomous in their search for information.Tutorial” video formats are an excellent way to reassure your consumers. It is also a good way to lighten the workload of your after-sales team by optimizing the online customer experience. 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or use a service after watching a “How To” video!So don’t wait any longer and offer your consumers a relevant, simple and accessible way to better understand your products and thus increase your processing rate.4- Inspirational videosInspirational videos are designed to help the consumer project themselves with the product. They should awaken his curiosity and help him to visualize the product in real conditions of use. Thanks to its collaboration with Teester, the famous leather goods brand Eram was able to collect inspiration videos created by its customers for its customers.The testers were able to present different outfits to accessorize with the pair of shoes sent by the brand. Result: +15% transformation rate on product sheets containing a video.5- Emotion videosEmotions dictate purchasing decisions and video is the perfect medium for emotional marketing. As their name suggests, “emotion” video formats are designed to reach Internet users, appealing to the customer’s feelings by amplifying a message or story through sound, words and images.This was Lego’s bias when the brand asked parents to film their children building a “kronkiwongi”. The videos were then distributed to a target group of mothers on Facebook, generating millions of views and a visibility campaign for the brand.Which video formats for which purposes?Video feedbacks, tutorials, and demonstrations are important reassurance levers to increase your e-commerce sales.Emotion and inspiration videos can also be used to optimize your product sheets, and they are perfectly suited for arousing the envy of consumers. They can have a considerable impact on social media: Videos are shared 1200% more than text or image content on social networks, and can therefore generate a lot of visibility for your products.By integrating videos on your product sheets, you also improve your SEO. A page that contains a video is 53% more likely to appear on the first page of Google results.User videos a rising trendEmotion, inspiration, customer reviews, tutorials, demonstrations… No matter the format, user-generated videos are in full swing. They are popular with Internet users because they can more easily identify with the content. Perceived as more authentic than campaigns from brand marketing departments, these videos have a strong prescriptive power. More and more brands and e-commerce sites are implementing solutions so that their Internet users can feed their sites with content created by consumers for consumers.	
	An attractive e-commerce site? Yes, but how?
		Having an e-commerce site has become essential today, but it is still necessary to have a few leads to exploit it properly because we are not all SEO specialists.Here are OUR tips to accompany YOU in this new way of thinking about business.1/ WelcomingThe home page of your site is the showcase of your store. It must be cared for in the same way. It must reflect the heart of your business and highlight the flagship product or offer of the moment. Without being overloaded, give it special attention:Simple graphics,A clearly identifiable logo,A short and effective slogan,A clear menu,A search engine,Quick access to the basket,Possibly a product carousel with links.But nothing more, you have to want to push the door of your shop!2/ ReassuringYour customers need to feel reassured, about the quality of your products, your services, the method of payment, etc.Begin by putting forward a way to contact you, whether to question you before their purchase decision or after their purchase,Clearly display your general terms and conditions of sale and delivery charges. Don’t wait for the last validation step to display this cost,Precise and clear pricing on each product sheet,A section to present your company. Beyond the humanization of this virtual relationship, it is reassuring to know that your company exists in the real world,Display the opinions of your customers who have already placed an order, and do not be afraid of possible negative opinions, just know how to respond to them in a constructive way. You will gain in seriousness and credibility.3/ OrganizeMany product references should not be synonymous with a mess. Categorize, prioritize and structure.Organize the products in your menus as you would do in your store shelves (Men/Women/Children – Guitars/Basses/Flutes – Acrylics/Aquarels/Pastels). And play with the notions of sub-shelves to better distribute your products. Ideally make sure that the Internet user finds a product sheet in less than 4 clicks, at the risk of losing it,Propose menus with clear and relevant wording,Add the possibility to filter by size, price, color, brands …Present and promote promotions.4/ OptimizeYour content in the broadest sense but also and above all each of your product sheets.Quality photos, clear, with a beautiful light (and a caption!), on a plain background or in situ. The possibility to zoom in is always very appreciated. No photos with your mobile phone on the corner of your desk. Your products and customers deserve better!Don’t count your words. Not only does the Internet user need a maximum of information (even more than face to face), but it also increases your chances of having an optimized natural referencing,Create links from one page to another. This is called internal meshing and, among other things, allows you to extend the user’s browsing experience. This way, he doesn’t have to go back to the previous page to access another product,Offer complementary products. It is also a way to create internal networking.5/FacilitateTo optimize the purchasing process, you need to make it easier for your Internet users to buy.A clear and accessible basket,A structured order tunnel (basket, identification, delivery, payment, confirmation),The total price information is clear,Several modes of delivery,Several methods of payment.6/ Bonus tipsDon’t hesitate to renew the content of your site and your product sheets. Your site must be alive so that the Internet user does not have the impression of going around in circles,Communicate and relay your offers and events on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest…). It is also a way to exchange with your community.

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